Tuesday Ladies League at CNGC

Thank you to all the ladies who participated in our 2020 Tuesday Ladies League. The 2021 Application will be emailed shortly. For additional information, contact CNGC. 
Wednesday Ladies League at CNGC-  September 30th, 2020

3:12  Defonte, Wojcik, Cotogno
3:21 Levey, Murphy, Sweeney
3:30  White, Fitzmaurice, Donofrio, Mazza
3:38 Wolff, Cartmell, Smith, Winters
3:44 McMorrow, Tannis Ferguson, Delisa
3:49 Surdovel, Borgotti, Linck, Open
3:57 Eldridge, Cortese, Wade, Knecht
4:05 Gronbeck, Grenafege, Wekow, Taylor
4:11 Defilippo, Morgan, Levine, Open
4:18 Jewell, Castellano, Scaramuzzo, Conover
4:24 Pattwell, Sullivan, Force, Santelle
4:33 Degroot, Cowles, Francese, Cash
4:42 Naddeo, Oehme, Corcoran, Sieka
4:51 McLaughlin, Cairns, Vigna, Paton
5:00 Open
5:09 Open